Around The NFL: Tim Tebow Signs With The New England Patriots

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has signed with the New England Patriots and they expect him to be at the team’s mandatory minicamp, as reported by

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, however Tebow will almost certainly have to prove himself worthy of making New England‘s 53-man roster. Nothing has been handed to Tebow since entering the NFL and that won’t change with this opportunity he’s been presented with the Patriots. Tebow spent one frustrating season with the  New York Jets before finally getting his release papers this past April. It looked as if Tebow wasn’t going to find another team willing to sign him, however the Patriots have decided to roll the dice and see what happens.

Tebow is going to be reunited with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who was head coach in Denver when they drafted Tebow in the first round in 2010.

What we know about Tebow off the field is that he’s a magnet for media attention and that’s not all his fault. However, if any NFL head coach knows how to counter that it’s Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. The focus in New England won’t be on one player, it will continue to be on the team and I think this is the ideal situation for Tebow to enter into. On the field, while Tebow has struggled to find consistency as an NFL quarterback, there is no doubt about him being a football player. He’s not going to New England to be the starting quarterback, their set with future Hall of Famer Tom Brady. The Patriots most likely are going to look to use Tebow in scenarios where his unique skills set can be maximized possibly at tight end, running back, special teams, and maybe a special package for him at quarterback. Basically what the Jets failed miserably to do with him. It sounds like the perfect scenario where Belichick can stick it to the Jets one more time.


New York Jets Invite Kellen Winslow To Tryout At Minicamp (Report)

Kellen Winslow (Getty Images)

Kellen Winslow (Getty Images)

The Jets need help on offense and Kellen Winslow is an NFL football player currently in need of a job. It seems logical that both sides are looking at each other as a potential good fit. According to multiple reports, the Jets have invited Winslow to a tryout at their minicamp next week. Winslow played just one game last season for the New England Patriots.

Winslow has numbers worth taking a look at. He posted three straight seasons with at least 66 receptions and 730 yards with the Buccaneers from 2009-2011. He played his first four years in Cleveland after being selected with the No.6 overall pick in 2004 NFL draft out of Miami. Winslow could fill a void at tight end for the Jets, their starting tight end from the last four years, Dustin Keller, signed with the Miami Dolphins in the offseason.

If Winslow can take advantage it could be big for his career and for a Jets offense that is in need of some spark.

Tim Tebow & The Jets : The Sideshow is Over

The Jets finally decided to part ways with Tim Tebow. Let’s be honest about it though, this shotgun marriage was doomed from the start.

Jets owner Woody Johnson knew exactly what he was signing up for when he approved the trade to get Tebow in 2012. Tebow wasn’t going to the Jets because of his ability as an NFL quarterback. They’d like for the fans to have believed that was the case. Tebow was acquired for headlines and in typical Jets fashion, they couldn’t even get that right. He’s now free, free from the insanity that’s been the Jets disguised lately as a professional football team.

The timing of Tebow’s release could have definitely been handled better. The Jets waited until after the NFL draft to let Tebow go. They waited until it was crystal clear that no other team in the league would be as crazy enough as they were a year ago and try and trade for him. They waited until they made sure a replacement was already in place once they drafted Geno Smith. It leaves Tebow with very little time to find a new team to join for 2013.

Was it fair to Tebow to do this? Absolutely not. However, the NFL is a business and even the Jets realize this every now and then and did what they needed to do for business.

Where does Tebow go next? Is he good enough to play in the NFL? Canada seems like an option should he want to resume his goal of becoming a professional starting quarterback.

The only thing I’m sure of when it comes to Tebow is that he is a magnet for attention. Unfortunately it hasn’t produced the NFL career he believes faithfully he could have had up to this point.

I’m pulling for Tebow to land on his feet. Anything at this point has to be a better option than the cards he was dealt by the Jets in his one year with them as nothing more than a media sideshow.

Its Now or Never For Mark Sanchez

Talent is good enough to buy the groceries, however it’s not enough to cook the meal.

Mark Sanchez has to know by now that he’s at the end of his rope with the New York Jets. His pro career started off about as well can be imagined. The Jets traded up in the draft to take him out of USC. He was given the starting quarterback job and helped get the Jets to back to back AFC Championship games. Two years in a row, one win away from playing in the Super Bowl. Its been downhill ever since for him. There is only so much rope one can be extended.

Sanchez is coming off a nightmare 2012 season that produced one failure after another statistically for him and the Jets. It was a year that saw Sanchez regress about as horrifically as possible. A 54.3 completion percentage as an NFL quarterback isn’t going to win many ballgames. He threw 13 touchdowns, however he also threw 18 interceptions. The season obviously ended without any chance of making the playoffs.

It wasn’t all his fault last year though … as matter of fact, his regression the past 2 years has not all been his fault. His own team must get their fair shame of blame in all of this.

While Sanchez was not the main reason the Jets went to two AFC title games in a row, he was still solid in his role. When it became time to expand his role, the Jets did a poor job in making sure he had the right pieces to work with. Key players were let go on offense and an aging defense was not addressed. It was the equivalent of putting a band-aid on an open wound that clearly required much more attention.

Those factors still don’t take away the mental mistakes Sanchez has made on the field that has turned Jets fans against him. However, he’s been poorly mismanaged and coached. The hiring of Tony Sparano in 2012 as offensive coordinator and the addition of quarterback Tim Tebow did nothing to help Sanchez progress.

Sanchez is heading into the 2013 season with high optimism and he has good reason to be. The Jets have a new voice in upper management with new general manager John Idzik. Sparano is no longer with the team and has been replaced as offensive coordinator by Marty Mornhinweg.

Sanchez is also not going into 2013 with any assurances that he’ll be the starting quarterback. He’s going have to earn it in training camp. Accountability will be required and for Sanchez that might be just what he needs to get back on the right track.

If it appears that I’m standing up for Mark Sanchez it’s because I am. Sanchez did himself no favors in this town with his play the last 2 years. The Jets did Sanchez no favors by pacifying him instead of properly developing him.

The Jets are in the midst of cleaning up there tired act and now it’s time for Sanchez to do the same. The only way that can happen is if he produces on the field consistently.

The fans will be against him, many have already written him off. It might be a good time for Sanchez to channel his inner Gladiator

Win the Crowd … and you will win your freedom.