The Hot Corner: New York Mets Demote Ike Davis To Minors

Ike Davis

Ike Davis

When David Wright was asked if his Mets should be beating the dismal Miami Marlins, the team captain could not have answered it any better than he did …

“You keep getting asked about the Marlins and teams you should beat,” Wright said. “I think I said it the other day: Teams are probably looking at us that way, where you’ve got to come in here and beat us. So we can’t look at any other team that way.”

That pretty much sums up how 2013 has gone do far for the Mets and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better. The team was swept again by the Marlins, the worst team in baseball, this time at home. It was apparently enough to cause general manager Sandy Alderson to finally make some roster moves. First baseman Ike Davis was the most noticeable move as he was demoted to the Mets Triple-A team in Las Vegas. Davis has been horrible this season and the Mets can only hope that the move and change of scenery will help restore his confidence. He’s looked lost at the plate this season and nothing close to what the Mets saw from him when he first came up to the team.

“At some point you just have to say to yourself this is not in his best interest,” Alderson said about Davis. “I was one of his biggest supporters. I just felt at some point we’ve got to get him out of here. Hopefully he’ll be back in a short period of time. But he needs to go there. He needs to be able to play every day. He needs to be able to work on his swing without worrying necessarily about the outcome. We think it’s in his best interest.”

It would be easy to point the blame towards manager Terry Collins for what’s gone wrong with the Mets, however I just don’t think there is much anyone can do with this current roster. Alderson made it clear that Collins is not in jeopardy of losing his job. It’s going to be a long summer in Queens for Mets fans.

The Hot Corner: Matt Harvey Is Poised For Greatness With The N.Y. Mets

Matt Harvey  (image credit: Getty)

Matt Harvey (image credit: Getty)

Matt Harvey has been the one shining hope for the New York Mets and their 2013 season. While there hasn’t been much to look forward to these days when a Mets game is about to come on, Harvey has been the exception. He’s becoming more than just a building block for a team in the midst of a major rebuilding plan, he’s now the centerpiece. Harvey is only 24 years old, however he’s shown the poise and confidence of someone clearly ready to embrace the role of superstar athlete in New York City.

 The last time I remember this much buzz over anyone in a Mets uniform was back in 2004 when David Wright was called up from the minor leagues. It’s been a long time, however the Mets have appeared to have uncovered another cornerstone to their team’s future. The timing could not have been anymore better for the Mets because Wright can’t do it alone.

 The numbers so far this season tell it all as far as the impact Harvey is making for the Mets. Through 10 starts, Harvey has posted a 5-0 record with an impressive 1.93 earned run average. It might be too early to talk about the Cy Young award for Harvey, however it’s enough to put him in the conversation for a possible All-Star selection this summer and that would be great public relations for the Mets. This year’s All-Star’s game is hosted by the Mets at CitiField.

 Harvey’s emergence has turned into a nice story to follow in Queens for an 18-29 team that just isn’t that fun to watch these days otherwise. I like that Harvey wants the ball and the moment that comes with it when it’s his turn in the rotation. He’s young, however he’s showing that he understands fully the expectations that are beginning to grow with his every start. Sky is the limit now for this youngster and I’m among those intrigued at seeing how he continues to develop.

The Hot Corner: I’m Talkin’ Baseball


The baseball season is long, it doesn’t take a fan of the sport to know this. I grew up in Brooklyn watching baseball, played the game as a teenager and dreamed of being the next big thing to hit the pro’s like most kids do. As I’ve gotten older, I acknowledge that it’s not as easy anymore to watch the Mets and Yankees for an entire 162 game regular season, however I always try because of my loyalty to the game and my love for sports.

Beginning this week on this blog, I will be writing a weekly post
entitled “The Hot Corner” that will focus on the hot topics in Major League Baseball throughout the previous week. It’ll mostly be a Monday morning week in review post, however there will be some exceptions made along the way to post during the week.

There is plenty to talk about already with my hometown Yankees and Mets and also all the money spent out west between the Angels and Dodgers with very little to show so far in the win column. How about the start Miguel Cabrea is off to this season in Detroit?

This is for my fellow baseball fans out there who take the time to read my blog. I can honestly say that it was baseball that started my love for sports. I only hope my love for the game will show throughout this weekly post.

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